Organic hens laying tasty eggs on the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall.

St Mawes hens are small flock of Organic chickens kept at the highest welfare standards possible with plenty of free space to roam and display their natural instincts


Organic, high welfare hens = tasty eggs

St Mawes Hens are certified organic by the Soil Association meaning they're kept at the highest welfare standards, are limited to flock sizes, and are fed organic feed with no chemicals, pesticides or Genetically modified ingredients. The chickens have free daytime access to green pasture where they can exhibit their natural behaviours, scratching, pecking at bugs and grass, dust bathing and generally enjoying the fresh air. Their pasture is enclosed by an electric fence to keep the foxes at bay!

At night they live in purpose-built mobile coops to keep them protected from the elements. The hens lay in rollaway nestboxes. This ensures the eggs are kept clean and away from harm in a tucked away compartment.

All this ensures they lay super tasty, nutritional eggs.

Soil Association Organic

Where to buy

Available at:
ST MAWES - Mr Scorse Deli
PORTSCATHO - Portscatho Stores
VERYAN - Veryan & Portloe stores
RUAN HIGHLANES - Roseland Local, Texaco Garage

Organic Eggs are also available at the gate between St Mawes and St Just in Roseland. Follow the eggs sign!
We can deliver to the local area for larger quantities. Wholesale enquiries welcome.
Packing station No: UK-8-1682, Producer No: 0UK23351

TEL:01326 369201 // Email
Trevennel Lodge, St Mawes, Cornwall

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